Fairy Tales Aplenty

While stories or movies stem from the original Grimm’s, they are usually sweetened up too much. They are made nice, because they are remade for children. The original stories reflected the harshness of life of poor people, with great dreams. Golden apples, kings, queens, royal children…all on a quest for something good. Simple boys who through quest are made wise; enchanted voracious animals who become handsome princes or beautiful princesses when released from the magic controlling them; a proud person, who by caring for those believed beneath them, they become blessed – so many are the stories that inspired the poor peasant to strive towards something more than the harshness of life. Those tales taught there was more to their life than being born poor, enduring heartbreaking hardship, and dying poorer. Those tales made them believe in the glimmer of magic, or rather the possibility of breaking through the stone wall of deprivation to the warmth of the impossible.

The richly woven stories of dangerous quests by knight errant; escapes of princesses of ingenuity; or of children conquering the perceived inescapable horrors of a life too harsh too soon, inspire readers now to look for more. There is a depth to this life beneath the surface of what we allow others to see; complexities of heart and emotion that the knight or princess must earn the right to encounter; and even though a stranger may feel the brush of a hint of something more when they take the time to fully look – they must earn the right to see beneath the mirrored surface – if not, they will only see the merest reflection.

Copper Janus lives a life that on the surface looks like a wheel-chair bound twelve year old, when in reality she is a knight princess of fierceness, protecting those she loves with her life, if necessary.

The holder of the Clear Cup, not only gets to see beneath the surface, but the holder of the Cup gets to see through the eyes of the mother of an autistic child, an abandoned street orphan, and a cerebral palsic imprisoned teen.

Magda yearns to escape her position in life – that of a bargaining chip to be used at the whim and benefit of her cruel and abusive father – so she learns to travel as a mist within the walls of an ancient castle. She lives outside the circles of family, firelight, and belonging – striving to find the path of escape.

Three stories of great hearts within great hardship – but they are stories of inescapable horrors, ultimate sacrifice, and finally the barest glimpse of light that sustains the reader through their held breath….

…..and so goes the fairy tales necessary to endure and triumph in reality.

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