Stoneseer: Spy

The Bordokian stood beneath the stone entryway to the famed castle of Suntorna. He raised an eyebrow; he was not impressed. He knew the legends and myths of the “people of the beast”, as any good warrior knew his enemy. He knew more about Suntornan history than the inhabitants of the stronghold city of Lueyessiana, but he also knew that the people of Suntorna had forgotten their heritage. In the last three hundred years since the last Stoneseer, they had veered from their true purpose. They were no longer a people of the dragon. Suntornans now believed dragons were mere legend and myths told to children to make them obey their parents, but the Bordokian knew a different story.
Dorgan knew that since the time of the Watchers, a time when those who had brought the knowledge down from the heavens to the peoples of Earth,there had been a kingdom of Suntorna. The original king of Suntorna was the Watcher, Arqiel, that mixed his blood with that of a mortal woman. Aras was the first born. Although Dorgan was a big man, he was nothing compared to the Watcher’s first progeny, who were the giants of legend. Greater size, speed, physical prowess, and intelligence were the inherited traits of the Watcher’s line, called the Irini. Each Watcher brought different skills from the heavens down to man, and Arqiel brought the knowledge of the conquest of beasts. All Bordokians learned their Irini history when they were at their mother’s knee. Dorgan knew the mighty Arqiel created the dragons, which is why he scorned the Suntornan’s ignorance.
The name “Suntorna” was at one time synonymous with “Dragon”; a kingdom that embodies excellence, power, and wisdom. Dorgan sneered as he thought of the current king of Suntorna. Darmen was a weak and soft monarch who was too easily satisfied with courtier flattery to be worthy of the current peace status of his kingdom. Peace is truly appreciated only when the cost of obtaining it is high. King Darmen worried about impressing and mollifying his courtiers, and did not seem to notice that his people were suffering. When the people of a kingdom suffered under an uncaring monarch, they became an easy target for conquer…or revolution.
Dorgan turned in the saddle and looked away from the castle. The river Se glistened in the late afternoon light, and onward the gold plains of Suntessa were a feast for the eyes. The Suntessan plain surrounding the castle was the only source known for the small yellow flower whose medicinal properties were great. Although Bordok mined jewels, they traded for the flower.
Dorgan urged his horse toward home, and knew an anticipation in seeing the mountains of Bordok. Dorgan’s blood was tied to Bordok, he was Irini. His ancestor was Samayaza, the leader of the Watchers. When Samayaza descended from the heavens, the first female he saw was Iroori, a woman renowned for beauty and intelligence. Samayaza took Iroori for his wife, and their offspring were the makings of legends. Each generation produced men of renown, women of great intelligence, and both were equally feared as fierce warriors. Their innate ability to prevail was due to their superior bloodlines, that of immortal and mortal. Their longevity of life, love, and heart was due to their innate stubbornness. The stories of their lives were bound into the very fabric of Bordok, and passed to all in the line of the heirs of Samayaza, Captain of the Watchers.
Dorgan’s mission was twofold. Suntorna and Bordok were created through the clash of Samayaza and Arqiel. It was only a matter of time before two great immortals, with even greater egos, clashed. When they parted company, they divided the people. Suntorna followed Arqiel and Bordok followed Samayaza. Like most great friendships, there is great passion. Passion can easily move over the line of love to hate. The feud between the two great beings fueled wars for many generations.
Dorgan stretched his shoulders as he rode home. He was tired of traveling. Tired of being away from his home, and tired of carrying the burden that his bloodline put upon him. As Irini, he would serve his kingdom. It was his duty; but he would also serve himself. Dorgan’s mission was to seek information, but he also wanted to find something. Today, he had found the key, and surprising it was a woman. Just like the great Irini whose might moved entire civilizations, Dorgan knew nothing would stand in the way of his goal.

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